Forum Thread: Installed Quick Step Laminate Flooring Today

Quick Step is one of the best laminates on the market. We finished a job today where we installed the Quick Step in a mobile home. Its one of Quick Steps less expensive styles. It is still a quality floor with the pad attached on the back. It beats a lot of other brands in this price range. The cost is between 1 and 2 dollar a foot. You can't go wrong with Quick Step laminate flooring.

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Since the padding is already attached to the wood does this save on installation time?

It does save time and in a lot of cases it saves money too. The padding can cost anywhere from .25 to .65 cents a square foot separately. Where in most cases purchasing laminate with the attached padding may only cost an extra 10 cents a square foot.

It saves much time for me. And it is very easy to install. Quick-Step laminate flooring is very easy to clean as well.

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